Environmental Health & Safety

Responsibilities of Supevisors / Managers

As a leader you must:

  1. Adhere to employee responsibilities
  2. Embrace safety as your personal responsibility
  3. Implement, communicate, and adhere to best safety practices and standards
  4. Work with EH&S and other key stakeholders to implement the systems, procedures, and tools for improved safety performance
  5. Educate your units and direct reports about the benefits and expectations of upholding safety practices versus the risks of not
  6. Engage and utilize Chancellor’s Leadership Group to develop and promote safety practices through avenues like the proposed Risk Management, Sustainability, Health, and Safety (RESH) Advisory Council
  7. Integrate safety into daily operations and individual job functions (Integrated Safety and Environmental Management System - ISEM)
  8. Provide your units and direct reports with the necessary communication, funding, and training resourcesto work, act, and be safe
  9. Empower direct reports at all levels to take individual responsibility and action for safety
  10. Recognize and reward direct reports for exemplary safety behavior through public praise and verbal acknowledgement
  11. Identify and correct unsafe acts and conditions and apply disciplinary action when necessary 

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Environmental Health & Safety

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