Environmental Health & Safety

Responsibilities of Employees

As a staff or faculty you must:

  1. Comply with applicable environmental, health and safety rules, procedures, laws and accepted safe work practices
  2. Observe environmental health and safety signs posters, warning signals, and writtendirections
  3. Be familiar with the Campus Emergency Operations Procedures, the emergency assembly for your area, and participate in emergency drills.
  4. Learn about potential hazards associated with the work and work area; know whereinformation on these hazards is kept for review; and use this information when needed
  5. Follow safe standard operating procedures and specific guidelines, such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or chemical label instructions, if the work involves hazardous materials
  6. Use Engineering Controls (e.g., fume hoods) and personal protective equipment appropriate for the work.
  7. Stop work if there is a reasonable belief that continuation of the work might create a potential hazard to health or safety, and immediately notify a supervisor in the chain of authority over the work
  8. Report all unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, illnesses and injuries to the appropriate person or office
  9. Warn co-workers about unsafe conditions, defective equipment and other hazards
  10. Participate in health and safety training applicable to the work situation
  11. Participate in monitoring programs and inspections as applicable to the work situations
  12. Do not perform any task not qualified or trained to perform in a safe manner
  13. Each employee is responsible for understanding and practicing appropriate safety procedures.

Each employee is responsible for complying with the applicable provisions of safety and health regulations promulgated by regulatory agencies. They also must adhere to all University and departmental or office safety policies and procedures and comply with safety directives issued by their individual supervisors.

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Environmental Health & Safety

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