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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) FAQs

What is an MSDS?

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) are an important source of information about properties and hazards of chemicals used in the workplace. Along with chemical, physical, and toxicological properties, a MSDS provides information on precautions needed to work with the chemical, including suggested methods for storing, transporting, or disposing of the chemical.

Why can't I access the MSDS site?

The MSDS site is accessible only through a UCR computer. This is because the site belongs to Actio Corporation, which we contract with to obtain MSDS information. If you are using a non-UCR computer (i.e., at home) and need an MSDS please read our section entitled "Where else can I get an MSDS?" below.

Where else can I get an MSDS?

A simple way to get an MSDS is by doing a Google search and typing "MSDS" at the end of the chemical name. Another method is referring to our MSDS Resources.

What if I can't find an MSDS?

For more information, contact Russell Vernon, Ph.D. (951) 827-5119 with the name of the material and manufacturer (if possible). We'll be happy to provide as many MSDSs as you desire.

What do I do with a hardcopy MSDS?

If you receive a hardcopy MSDS from a manufacturer, send a copy to EH&S.  We maintain a repository for the campus. Please do not request a manufacturer to chnage the shipping address for MSDSs.

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