Environmental Health & Safety

Violence or Crime on Campus

Immediate Actions

If you are a victim of, or witness any crime or act of violence on campus:

  • Call UCPD immediately, using 911 (by phone, cell phone or pay phone), an Emergency Call Box, a campus emergency phone, an elevator emergency phone/intercom; in a dire emergency, use a fire alarm pull station
  • Be prepared to give the police dispatcher as much information as possible, including:
  1. Nature of incident
  2. Location of incident
  3. Description of person(s) involved
  4. Location or direction of travel of person(s) and/or vehicles involved
  5. Any obvious injuries to the victim or object
  6. Type of weapon (knife, pistol, rifle, shotgun, club, chain), if used
  7. Your name, location, department and extension number

Additional Information / Follow Up Activities

  • Do not take unnecessary chances or put yourself at risk
  • Never argue with or attack a person committing a crime
  • Try to get a good description of the criminal if you can do so with out putting yourself at risk, and write it down
    • Height, weight, sex, physical appearance, approximate age, clothing, method and direction of travel, perpetrator's name, if known to you or others at the scene
    • Note anything that was touched or held by the criminal
    • If the criminal leaves the area in a vehicle, note the type: make and model, license number (if possible), color, decals or stickers, or any outstanding characteristics
  • If safe to do so, remain where you are until a police officer arrives
  • Do not interfere with:
    • People who are committing a crime or creating a disturbance
    • Individuals behaving in an irrational or bizarre manner
    • Law enforcement or medical responders at the scene

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