Environmental Health & Safety

Suspicious Mail or Package


Suspicious Parcel or Object. Anything that is out of place and cannot be accounted for, or any item suspected of
being an explosive device

Immediate Actions

If you receive or discover a suspicious letter or package:

  • Do not touch, tamper with, or move it
  • Call 911 and report what you suspect immediately to UCPD
  • Campus police will determine if evacuation or other action is necessary
  • Notify your supervisor of what you suspect 

Additional Information / Follow Up Activities

Indicators that make a letter or package suspicious

  • Powdery substance, oily stains, major discoloration, or crystallization on outside
  • Unexpected letter from someone unfamiliar, has no return address, or is postmarked from a foreign country that may or may not match the return address
  • Excessive postage, a handwritten or poorly typed address, no name, or misspelled common words
  • Unusual weight given size, excessively bulky or lopsided or oddly shaped, or has an unusual amount of tape
  • Has a strange odor
  • Addressed to someone no longer with your organization, uses a wrong title, or reflects outdated personal information concerning addressee
  • Has restrictive endorsements such as "Personal" or "To Be Opened By Addressee Only"

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