Environmental Health & Safety

Earthquakes: If you're inside

Immediate Actions

During shaking

  • Remember to duck, cover and hold
  • Duck or drop to the ground
  • Cover yourself by getting under a sturdy desk, table, between rows of auditorium seats, or against an interior wall
  • Protect your head and neck with your arms
  • Stay clear of windows, hanging objects, mirrors, or shelves where objects may fall
  • Hold on to the furniture that covers you
  • Protect your head and neck until the shaking stops

After shaking stops

  • Be prepared for aftershocks
  • Do not run outside or immediately evacuate as falling debris can cause major injuries
  • Quickly gather personal items and critical work or research that needs to be saved
  • If working with high heat, open flame, or a hazardous experiment or procedure, complete safety shutdown procedures if it is safe to do so, and then evacuate the building
  • Follow evacuation routes directly to building's Emergency Assembly Area (EAA); do not attempt to use an elevator for evacuation
  • Assist evacuating people with disabilities if they need help
  • Check in with emergency staff at the Emergency Assembly Area and notify them of injured people, hazards or damages observed
  • Stay at the Emergency Assembly Area and follow directions of emergency response personnel

Additional Information / Follow Up Activities

  • Report emergencies to UCPD at 911

Determining when to go home

  • Do not try to leave the campus until campus authorities say it is safe
  • Be prepared to assist with campus response and recovery operations if asked to do so
  • If you leave the Emergency Assembly Area for any reason, notify building emergency staff

If an earthquake occurs when you are not at work

  • Follow your department's "reporting to work" requirements
  • If possible, monitor 88.3 FM KUCR or http://campusstatus.ucr.edu for updates

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